Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Throughout this week I spend quite a bit of days in techshop building our current bogie as well as waiting for the final parts of our design. I obtained the gears, pulleys and timing belts that will be part of our steering system and will be implemented soon. The goal is to ensure that all the components of our steering works as predicted. Also, during this week I finalize some techShop classes that will allow me to use the mill machine and build some of our parts which can be better designed in order to have a sturdier steering components. Also, measurements were taken when the bogie was placed in the track in order to finally weld the last components in place. Also, I've been researching some wheels as we may need a few extra. Overall, this week has been very productive.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Throughout this week, I met with Michael to work on our project at TechShop. The goal is to finish the bogie as soon as possible to let other teams, dependent on ourselves,  test their parts on our system. I also was able to order the last parts necessary for the steering system. The parts will be shipped from California thus they will arrive shortly. As soon as the parts arrive, the steering system will be put in place and it will be ready for testing.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


During this week, I went to the celebration of research to show the purpose and the basis of the project we are currently working on. It was an excellent experience to witness just how important the project is and how people react to such advancements. The many reactions gave me a sense of great motivation to successfully complete the project. Also, TechShop access was granted and I am just waiting on the access codes to add any classes and began manufacturing of the remaining parts. Some parts, fasteners, will be order soon to have most parts at hand. All efforts are to be done in a manner where we will be able to make the deadlines imposed.


During this week acquiring access to the shops was of most importance to begin the manufacturing of the parts. The forms required to have access to the shop in campus and tequShop were submitted. Also, before ordering the last remaining parts, I began checking the design of the steering system in order to make sure that the components will work well and any interference with the rails will be avoided. It was a difficult task to mate the different components in solid works. In every attempt a error existed while mating the timing belt as well as the slot component of the steering system. Ultimately with the assistance of Michael, he was able to figure out the problem and find the solution to successfully acquire motion in Solidworks. With such advancement I will be able to asses the adjustments necessary to fix any problems.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017


During the winter break and all the way through February 8, I began to double check our current design to ensure that any calculations or any other aspect of the project were correct. Always checking for errors is a good way to keep the design in the right track. In the first week of spring 2017, the manufacturing has began. I will be taking care and manufacturing the numerous shafts in the design. I began by submitting the application in order to have access to Teq. Shop. The shop will be our main place of work. Also, access to the sjsu shop will also be obtain to ensure the constant availability of the machines necessary for the project. A list of materials and priority was made to maintain everything on track. As soon as I obtain access to the shops mentioned I will began working on the parts I will be manufacturing. At the moment I will be looking into the dynamics of the steering  in CAD and making sure that the design works properly before buying some major remaining parts. Eventually, the remaining parts will be order to implement into the system. Some parts, fasteners for example, will be order soon.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Throughout this week the finalization of what will be our design took place. Overall, all design for steering was finalize and deadline was met as planned. All parts necessary are clear and will be ready to be listed as previously mentioned. As the design is finalize I began to double check any calculations made to ensure that the correct decisions were made accordingly. Checking the design more the once will ensure that any minimal mistakes made will be fix as soon as possible before any manufacturing is done. Even though the design is for the most part in its final stages, steering for my case, there maybe other solutions that can be implemented to the design. A thing to consider for the gears implemented is stress in the teeth. When designing the steering, there was small consideration of stress as the main importance of the system was to work correctly and ensuring safety. The gear sizes may change to reduce stress and also to ensure a longer gear life which will improve reliability, safety and reduce the maintenance cost. As the semester ends, I began working in the final report to ensure that there will be enough time to correctly explain and implement all information on the design of the bogie, failsafe and steering.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016


During this week, my main focus is finalizing all design for the steering. All gears and pulleys necessary for the system are finalized. The only thing necessary for the steering is the housing where the gears will be placed. The main difficulty is to design such housing so that it does not interfere with the other subsystems. Another thing to consider this week is the listing of parts necessary. Finalizing the list as soon as possible will be essential as it takes time for the parts to be delivered. The sooner the order is placed the more time we will be able to work on the fully assembly part thus adjustments can be made accordingly. Also, constant communication with the propulsion/breaking team has been made from my part as their system goes directly inside the bogie which will limit the design of the housing for the gears. The more spacing it is available in the finalize assemble, the better as it will facilitate maintenance when required. Ultimately, the week has been busy as there is an essay to be due on November 9 for the class which takes some time from working on the mechanical steering. Overall, the steering complete design and cad should be done before the major deadline on  November 16(part list should be finalized).